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Best of Bassmead Manor Barn wedding photography

Bassmead Manor Barns wedding photography

Rob and Laura’s wedding photos at Bassmead Manor Barn, a beautiful barn wedding venue in Cambridgeshire.

epic first dance at bassmead

Who wouldn’t like to get married at Bassmead Manor Barn; a charming barn wedding venue set among acres of beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside

It’s always a great pleasure to come back to do wedding photography at Bassmead Manor Barn. This rural wedding venue consists of several buildings with The Moat Barn being the oldest with a 300 years old history! The newer part of the venue The Bridge Barn is equally beautiful with its oak beam structure and big glass windows all around letting plenty of natural light in.

The perfect balance between the old and modern surrounded by beautiful gardens right next to the river was probably one of the reasons Laura and Rob picked the Bassmead Manor Barns to be the ONE!

Creative wedding photography at Bassmead Manor Barns

I have photographed many weddings at Bassmead Manor Barns many and I really wanted to create something that I haven’t done before. The best time to create some “magical” – edgy portraits is between the wedding breakfast and the first dance. When the sun is coming down, that’s just the perfect time for those epic photos.

This will also give a newly wedded couple some extra time on their own just before the “party” evening stars. Even though it was raining most of the day I kept assuring Laura and Rob that I’d ordered a glorious sunset after all that darkness, of course, they didn’t believe me and just laughed. Just after the speeches to everybody surprise (even mine) the rain suddenly stopped and the sky opened up like someone just waved a magic wand. We had to act very quickly as we didn’t know how long it was going last, so before Laura and Rob realized they were standing in the middle of the fields all by themselves enjoying a bit of privacy, absorbing all the emotions with a beautiful after sunset dramatic sky. I was, of course, working on finding that perfect spot to capture the beauty of the moment in the most creative way.

During the portrait walk, I urge my couples to completely forget about me and focus on the moment, take it as a time out where they can take a deep breath and realise how precious that moment really is. I don’t want my couples to perform in front of the camera. Instead, I want them to be themselves and show who they really are and how they feel. Then they can just leave the rest up to’s simple as that!! And that’s exactly what Laura and Rob did.

They had loads of fun and laughter but also a few quiet moments where they just enjoyed their cuddle listening to each other’s breath, embracing that very special moment to be freshly married. Together we managed to create some striking natural portraits, no awkward posing, no bossy instructions .. just pure love and loveliness!

Dramatic artistic portrait of bride and groom in the field at Bassmead Manor Barns

The most amazing Pizza, chilling out in the courtyard and the crazy wedding party at Bassmead Manor Barns

Once we’re returned from our sunset walk, the bride and groom were greeted by all the wedding guests chilling in the courtyard full of roses. The authentic wood-fired pizza at Bassmead Manor Barn is definitely one of the hotspots during the wedding evening. The pizzas those guys producing is simply delicious. It’s so nice to photograph all wedding guests mingling around, enjoying their drinks and wonderful pizzas. There is just something special about those magical evenings at Bassmead Barns. After this awesome refreshment, the guest and wedding party are just perfectly ready for the party. I love to capture a few wide-angle wedding photos of the dance floor inside the main Bassmead Barn. The oak roof structure with the fairy lights looks amazing in the pictures.

bride and groom funny crazy dancing dancefloor Bassmead Manor Barns

Why did Laura and Rob choose Latzo to be their wedding photographer at Bassmead Manor Barns

“For us choosing our wedding photographer was easy. We had seen Latzo in action at a number of weddings in Northamptonshire and fell in love with his natural, documentary style of photography and his friendly nature. It is clear to us that he absolutely loves what he does and this shows in his truly amazing wedding photos. There really was no other choice for us! ”

“Laura and Rob”

Bassmead Bridge barn courtyard Bridge barn courtyardWedding photography Bassmead Manor BarnsBride is laughing on her wedding card Emotional bride at Barn weddingWedding gift from husband emotional bride

make up artist and brides preparationtable top wedding decorations at bridge barn bassmead

Our Wedding Decor and Theme at Bassmead Manor Barn

The wedding was loosely themed around the proposal as well as Laura’s favourite colour, purple. All of our tables were named after places on the Amalfi Coast and when we found out we could have homemade pizza in the evening, there really was no other choice.


Wedding photography Bassmead Manor Barnsgroom arriving to the wedding venuegrooms preparation putting jacket onBoss man's watch grooms gift from the brideGroom and best man doing their bowsGroom putting his shoes on Flower girl the bride to be and make up artist laughing bridal preparation the flower girl looking at the mirrorThe bride is putting her wedding dress on bridesmaid is getting emotional looking at the bridebridal shoes at bassmead manorBride in her wedding dress gatter the groom is arriving to Moat barn at bassmeadwedding guests are arriving to the moat bart at bassmeadGroom and his best man awaiting the bride in moat barnstring quartet at moat barn playing walking down the aislethe groom awaiting the bride in moat barn at bassmead

The best part of the wedding 

Rob: Of course seeing Laura walking down the aisle towards me but in typical Laura fashion she did keep me waiting for 10 minutes. However, another highlight was seeing our photographer run over the bridge and slip over on the wet grass, it really made us chuckle (sorry Latzo I had to mention it, hats off to you though you got back up had a little look around to make sure nobody else had seen and carried on snapping away)

Latzo: You do realize I only did it to make you laugh 🙂 .. I’ll do anything to get a good shot 🙂 

Laura: There are so many amazing moments it’s difficult to pick one. Seeing Rob’s face for the first time has to be the one that stands out most. I was so nervous before walking down the aisle but as soon as I saw his big smile, all my worries disappeared. 

bride is walking down the aisle with her mum at moat barnBride and groom looking at each other at moat barnwedding vows reading at moat barn barssmeadbride and groom exchanging vows at moat barn bassmead manorexchanging wedding rings bassmead manor barnWedding photography Bassmead Manor BarnsWedding photography Bassmead Manor BarnsWedding photography Bassmead Manor Barnsthe bride and groom at bassmeadthe bride and groom on their wedding day walking out of moat barnThe bride and groom wedding day first toast as husband and wifeWedding day confetti bride and groomWedding photography Bassmead Manor Barnsthe groom with bridesmaids at bassmead barnthe groom is fiddling his wedding ring Wedding photography Bassmead Manor Barnsnan and bride adoring the wedding flowers at Bassmead Manor Barnsthe bridal party bride and bridesmaids having fun at bassmead barnRainy wedding day bride and groom with umbrella at bassmead manorWedding photography Bassmead Manor Barnsgrandma and grandson at the wedding Bride and groom looking at the seating plan at their wedding at bassmead manorbride laughing at the groom who is hiding behind the wedding dressBride and groom walking and laughing at bassmead manor barnsdelicious carvery food served by guest Bassmead Manor Barnscarvery food served by guest Bassmead Manor Barnslaughing baby at wedding at bassmead manor flower girl eating sweat at the wedding at bassmead manorBassmead Manor Barns father of the bride speechGrooms speech Bassmead Manor Barnsguests laughing at speeches at Bassmead Manor Barnsbest mans speech at Bassmead Manor Barnsgrand father and groom at bassmead manor barn courtyard next to the riverflower girl hugging the bride at Bassmead Manor Barnsbride and groom in the field at Bassmead Manor Barnsbride and groom walking and laughing in field at Bassmead Manor BarnsCreative portrait of bride and groom at Bassmead Manor Barns

Dramatic artistic portrait of bride and groom in the field at Bassmead Manor Barns

bride and groom on the top of the bridge at Bassmead Manor Barnsgroom and his best friend hugging funny portrait of the bride lifting up her wedding dress Bassmead Manor BarnsWedding photography Bassmead Manor Barnscutting the wedding cake Bassmead Manor Barns bride and groomfirst dance on wedding day bride and groom looking at each other Bassmead Manor BarnsWedding photography Bassmead Manor Barnsgroom drinking the wine Bassmead Manor BarnsWedding photography Bassmead Manor Barnscrazy dancing party at Bassmead Manor BarnsWedding photography Bassmead Manor Barns

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Dramatic artistic portrait of bride and groom in the field at Bassmead Manor Barns

The story of Laura and Rob and why did they choose to get married at Bassmead Manor Barn

When we first met?

We met at work 6 years ago and started as friends. Then one Christmas party there was an ongoing joke that we were the only single people on the team and we should be each other’s +1. From there, things just clicked and the rest is history.

Tell us about your Proposal

Rob – it was in the pipeline for about 6 months. We had booked to go on holiday to Italy and I decided to hire a boat and drive us around the Capri coastline…..little did Laura know I had never driven a boat before and safe to say it was a little bit rocky, at one point Laura was nearly thrown over from me hitting the waves so hard. I wasn’t very nervous about the proposal itself, I was more nervous about Laura being nosey and finding the ring in my rucksack. I decided to stop the boat and drop the anchor in the sea somewhere quiet…..that way if Laura said no then nobody would see me throw her overboard.

Laura – I had no idea the proposal was on the way. We had been to quite a few weddings and Rob had thrown me off the scent by making comments that it would be us in a few years’ time. The day of the proposal was my birthday and Rob had surprised me with some really lovely presents and a beautiful scrapbook that he had made himself containing photographs and memories of things we had done together. We then hopped on a ferry over to Capri before boarding a speed boat Rob had hired. It was supposed to be romantic but we were hitting the waves so hard I thought I was going to lose some teeth. I was so happy when he made the suggestion to stop in a quiet little cove. After we had settled, Rob told me that he had one final present for me and to close my eyes. This was the first time I wondered whether this could be it. When I opened them, Rob was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. It was a total surprise and so overwhelming.

Something silly or quirky

Rob: Laura will always find something she loves to buy when shopping especially for clothes. She then talks herself out of it by repeating whether she actually needs it or not before it ultimately falls into the basket.

Laura: Rob finds a song he loves and plays it continuously for around a week. This leads to him over killing it completely and then neither of us wanting to listen to it again.

One thing we wish we would have known earlier with regards to planning our wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns

Overestimating how long it would take to organise the smaller more personalized details. The big things are easy, the smaller bits take time and effort to get them just right.

A piece of advice for other couples planning to get married at Bassmead Barns

Laura – Enjoy the planning, it’s so easy to get caught up in everything and get stressed over the smallest things. Start early by booking your vendors and then make sure you put time aside to plan things together. Planning should be fun!

Rob – Everybody will tell you just how quickly the day goes……..believe them, before you know it your evening guests are arriving so make sure you make a little bit of time to spend alone as bride and groom.


Vendor List:

Venue: Bassmead Manor Barns 

Florist: Emily Tallulah Flowers 

Dress Designer: Mark Lesley

Dress Salon: Stunning Bridal 

Hair/Makeup: Cambridge Makeup Artist

Bridesmaid Dresses: Purbelle

Suits: Suitors 


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