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Shustoke Barn Wedding Photography Heaven

Shustoke Barn Wedding photography

The best of  Shustoke Barn wedding photography.

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I absolutely love creating some creative wedding photography at Shustoke Barn Weddings! This rustic barn is a perfect blend of rustic and modern wedding venues. If you are planning to get married in Midlands, Shustoke Barn sits conveniently in the middle of the Warwickshire countryside in close vicinity to Birmingham, Coleshill, and Coventry.

18th-century Shustoke “red-brick” barn was purposely refurbished into a very impressive wedding venue by Cripps & Co.  The main red brick Barn, where the wedding ceremony and wedding reception take place is without any doubt a big show-stopper. For me, as a wedding photographer, Shustoke Barn was definitely “love at first sight”. The photographic possibilities to capture the beauty of this place are endless. My favourite part of Shustoke Barn is the main barn made of red brick with a very unique timber roof and oak structural arches which will simply make you say vow! All of this would be lost in the darkness without a massive oak “state of the art” window which creates a simply perfect spotlight for the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. It almost feels like the wedding couple is lit by a floodlight retaining a very subtle intimacy within the rest of the barn. As a wedding photographer, I’m a bit of a sucker for beautiful architecture and symmetry. When I entered the main barn at Shustoke for the first time, my creative mind was instantly blown away. If you have seen some of my wedding photos in my portfolio you’d definitely notice my passion for capturing all those interesting architectures within the wedding venues.

My favourite first look between the bride and groom at Shustoke Barn

Shustoke Barn Wedding photographer

Shustoke Barn would look absolutely stunning especially if you decide to finish the decorations in rustic colours with loads of greens.

Shustoke Barn the main barn set up rustic theme

Ancient Olive tree courtyard photography at Shustoke Barn

The beauty of this wedding venue doesn’t stop at the main Shustoke Barn. I was equally impressed with its ancient olive tree courtyard. What a perfect spot for the wedding party to get to mingle and enjoy the drinks and canapes. Whether I’m photographing those candid documentary special moments amongst the wedding guests or the bride and groom’s portrait photos, there is always plenty of choice for interesting photography backgrounds. The choices are really endless. Majestic oak frame barn doors, red brick barn wall, rustic forge with a Giant BBQ all of this surrounded by a very picturesque mini orchard of mature olive trees.

Bride and groom hugging in the olive trees courtyard

The Shustoke Olive tree courtyard is magical to photograph even in all sort of weather conditions … who cares about a bit of rain, right 🙂 ♡

First kiss in the rain on the wedding day

A hidden Photography gem at Shustoke Barn

Whilst photographing wedding venues such as Shustoke Barn with many picturesque spots, I often give my favourite photo places unique names for future reference – this one I named “The magic circular window”

By now, we’ve established that the Shustoke main barn is a pretty amazing place to photograph, however, there is also a smaller pitch roofed barn. Right by the entrance to the venue, on the ground floor, there is a rustic bar that caters to all the thirsty wedding guests. But on the top floor, I’ve discovered something really unexpected..- the photographer’s secret. The full barn length room creates an intimate atmosphere for all those brides and grooms seeking a bit of privacy. When the weather is not kind, it is often used for the drink reception as there is plenty of room to mingle.

I, however, like to use it to create some intimate striking wedding photography. As I said I love the symmetry in my wedding images and to have a beautiful pitched oak beam roof with a small circular window in the middle of the wall beneath triggers all of my photography endorphins. Even if it’s raining the bride and groom can still come up here and enjoy the views over the fields surrounding the Shustoke Barn estate. The best place from the wedding photography point of view is right in front of the window keeping in mind the symmetry in the final image.bride and groom at Shustoke typical round window portrait in the barn

First toast bride and groom in front of the window

Shustoke Barn Car Park comes to life after the sunset, a striking photo opportunity!

The front of Shustoke Barn is one of the other reasons why the brides and grooms instantly fall in love with this place. A long straight road leading towards the Barn gives us photographers (and videographers too) plenty of opportunities to capture the arrival of the wedding car with the bride. Generous parking is conveniently positioned right in front of the main wedding venue entrance. This makes it super easy for all the wedding guests to find their way to the main ceremony room.

And this is not all !!

Wedding photography at Shustoke Barn

Shustoke carpark lit by the festoon lights

Every wedding photographer knows that after sunset this car park comes to life! The Shustoke Barn team hasn’t failed to make a great first impression for all those wedding guests invited for the evening reception. The whole front yard of the wedding venue is literally covered with hundreds of festoon lights giving a very gentle glow to the front of the Barn. If I can, I love to take my couples away from their guest for a little bit of a break in the evening, and some extra photos too. Here, right under the festoon lights is just the perfect spot for some precious “newly wedded couple” moments away from all the wedding buzz. The bride and groom can enjoy a bit of silence absorbing all those special moments from their big day. In the meantime, my role as a wedding photographer is to take advantage of the situation and work hard to grab some creative portraits to capture all the loveliness.

The wedding car in front of the main Barn


Evening reception at Shustoke Barn and “State of the art Funktion-One” sound system

To Photograph Shustoke Barn at night is even more impressive. Perfectly balanced lighting which highlights the Barns main features looks amazing. In the evening it’s all about the party! The state of the art sound system accompanied with some vibrant lighting won’t let the wedding guests sit in their seats for too long. This is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day. To enhance the beauty of the Shustoke Barn I normally set up several flashes around the dance floor, just to give my photographs that extra edge and definition.

It’s not unusual for the future brides and grooms to book my wedding photography services based purely on seeing some of my 1st dance and party action shots. As soon as the evening party starts, I am not a wedding photographer anymore. I am a strong believer that if I almost become of the guests and genuinely celebrate with the rest of the wedding party, I can capture all those natural documentary moments in the most organic way. In the capable hands of the wedding band or  DJ, the top quality “Funktion-One” sound system certainly makes a difference in the overall experience.

freshly married couple first dance in the barn

Busy dancefloor with wedding guests and wedding band

The wedding band and singer performing

Shustoke Barn Photos from an Award-winning wedding photographer.

Since 2017, I’m a very proud member of ISPWP – International society of professional wedding photographers. This is one of the most prestigious societies recruiting the best photographers in the world.

I was literally overwhelmed when my wedding photography has been acknowledged and one of my images captured at Shustoke Barn won an award.

Now, I’d like to give you a bit of the story behind this winning wedding photography image.

The bride in this picture very sadly lost both of her parents. Ever since she told me this sad story and that she will be walking down the aisle at Shustoke Barn on her own, I knew I have to capture the significance of this moment in the most amazing way. Normally I’d capture the bride walking down the aisle exposing the face, but this time I’ve decided to create a majestic silhouette using all the beautiful shapes of the barn to make the right framing capturing the bride walking the aisle on her own. I think this image captures well a moment of pride, love, braveness but also sorrow at the same time. There’s no doubt that Shustoke Barn architecture added a brand new dimension to this special moment.

Shustoke Barn award winning image from ISPWP

Massive shout out to the most amazing team “Shustoke” and all the wonderful wedding suppliers listed below.

Florist | perfect flowers   Dress Designer | Mark Lesley   Makeup/ Katy bird   Hair/ LK hair   Music Band/ Apollo soul

Freshly married couple standing in front of the wedding venueRustic Wedding decorationsat the barnFamily group photo just after the ceremonyFather giving away his daughter to the groommarried couple standing in the middle of the shustoke barnThe main Barn at Shustoke with rustic decor

Rainy wedding in Warwickshire bride and groom walking

Just married couple leaving the barnUshers and stags smoking cigarsThe hen party girls lifting the bride Bride and groom in front of the brick wall at Shustoke Barn Grooms speech at the top table

Confetti time at the shustoke barn

Kiss in the fields

Bride and groom walking in front of the venue with umbrella

Groom and best man hug at Shustoke Barn main barn

Bride and groom laughing in front of Shustoke Cripps Barn rustic wedding venue

Bride and Groom are exiting Shustoke Cripps Barn just married

Ushers smoking under the umbrella funny imageBridesmaids lace dresses and wedding flowers bouquets Shustoke Barn wedding venue

Relaxed group photo of groom with groomsmen at Shustoke Cripps BarnConfetti shot at Shustoke Cripps Barn rustic wedding venue in the court yard full of olive treesBride and groom kissing in the fields of Shustoke Cripps Barn Wedding singer at Shustoke Cripps Barn rustic wedding venue

Bride on the dancefloor at shustoke barn wedding venue in Warwickshire

The first dance moment captured in black and white

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Cripps & Co. turning old barns into beautiful rustic wedding venues with contemporary elements.

Cripps & Co is one of the fastest-growing wedding venue companies in the UK. Continually adding to their, already impressive, portfolio of 8 converted barn wedding venues. They have been converting Old 18th-century rock and brick Barns and their gardens since 1990. You can find their beautifully restored Bars scattered all over the UK, from gorgeous Crispp Barn in Costswods to Healey Barn in Northumberland. Most of their Barns have around 150 guests maximum ceremony capacity and up to 200 guest capacity for the evening. Cripps & Co. wedding venus also offer in house barbecue cuisine. They will seriously provide more than an impressive feast out for you and your guests. All their food is freshly prepared using only the best quality ingredients and is served generously to cater for even the hungriest of your wedding guest.

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